2017-2018 Fr. McDonald Council #1911 Officers and Emails
Office (Click to Email) Name Parish
Grand Knight Kevin O'Reilly Visitation
Deputy Grand Knight    Don La Monica Immaculate Conception
Council Chaplain Deacon Jim Eaker Visitation
Co-Squires Chaplain
Co-Squires Chaplain
Fr. Chris Lankford
Fr. Michael Kearney
Immaculate Conception

Chief Squires Counselor

John Kwit

Warden   Joel Bernstein Mary Queen of Heaven
Recorder   Gary Gleason Visitation
Treasurer Brad Carey Visitation
Financial Secretary  Ernie Iannotta Visitation
Advocate  Tony Castellano Visitation
3 Year Trustee O'Leary Sean O'Leary Immaculate Conception
2 Year Trustee Falcone Joe Falcone Visitation
1 Year Trustee Thomas Ed Thomas Immaculate Conception
Webmaster David McCaffrey Immaculate Conception