1911 Club LLC; founded 1959
In 1959, the Council organized the 1911 Club, a LLC corporation whose function was (and is) to provide and manage a meeting facility for the Council. A hall was rented at 52 St. Charles Road, Villa Park and served as a home base.
In 1963 (April) a fire destroyed that building and the Council met at the Odd Fellows Hall in Elmhurst.  Later that year, the property at 537 - 539 S York Street was purchased and has been the home of Fr. McDonald Council #1911 for over 50 years.

Over the years the hall has been uitilzed for Council #1911 business meetings as well as offered at no or low cost to many organizations. 

The 1911 Club has it's own set of
by-laws (similar to Council #1911) as well as officers that are also Fr. McDonald Council #1911 members:

The current officers of 1911 Club LLC are shown below. To email, just click on the officer's name.

Title Name
Club President John Iwaszkiewicz
Club Vice President John Wilton
Club Treasurer Pat Earley
Club Recorder David McCaffrey