Uniformly Proud: 1911 Club's Program for First Responders
Last updated on February 6, 2017

Uniformly Proud
A Program Specifically for
First Responders
  • The 1911 Club Hall is now available, rent free, to any and all First Responder organizations. 
  • If your organization wears a uniform, you are welcome!
    • Welcome means no rental fee; your only expense will be $200 for cleanup!
  • Reserve our Hall and Bar area for ANY Friday night (excluding the 6 Friday nights during Lent when we have our Lenten Fish Fry)
  • Our hall can seat over 200 persons in any imaginable seating configuration.
  • Our bar is full service.
  • Parking is free in the city lot behind the Hall
  • The Hall is on one floor: no steps to navigate and is accessible from the front entrance on York Street or the rear city parking lot entrance.