The 1911 Club presents "Chase the Ace" ! !

Chase the Ace (CTA!) is an exciting weekly raffle 
combined with a progressive card draw event. 

This weekly event features a larger pot and and
better odds the longer the raffle goes! 

CTA 1.0 had a winner after 11 weeks and took home over $4,100! 

CTA 2.0 first drawing will be held Friday, August 18 with a
potential taking home over winner of over $2,000!

Ticket ($5 each, 7 for $20) are available at all events at the 1911 Club Hall as well as every Thursday and Friday nights.

The weekly CTA 2.0 drawing will be held EVERY Friday night at 8:15 PM at the 1911 Club Hall, home of Fr. McDonald Council
#1911 Knights of Columbus.