1911 Club Annual Officer Election February 2, 2021

The Annual 1911 Club Meeting to elect Club Officers and three Board of Director
positions will be held via video meeting on Tuesday, February 2, 2021
at 8:30pm, after the Father McDonald Council Meeting.
1911 Club Inc. By-Laws can be viewed HERE.

All Fr. McDonald Council members are 1911 Club Members and your
Support  and participation at this meeting is encouraged.
Please note that to be eligible to vote in this election, you must be a current
member  in good standing (current dues paid) of Fr. McDonald Council #1911.
Dues can be paid HERE.

Officer Nominations are as follows:

  *   President: Brian Gallagher

  *   Vice President: Harry Barrett

  *   Treasurer: Tom Stein

  *   Recording Secretary: Gary Gleason

  *   Member at Large: John Wilton

Two Board of Director positions are open because of staggered terms.

Nominees for these two Board of Directors positions are:

  *   Chris Cheffer

  *   Ray Schiliro

The Board of Directors position previously held by John Kwit become vacant and
the Board of Directors elected Tom Russell as successor until this election. 
The nominee for this Board of Director position is:  Tom Russell

All the officers and directors above have expressed their interest in these positions.

For clarification:

The Board of Directors seats held by Pat Earley and
Tom Russell are due for election in September 2021.

The Board of Directors seats held by Tim Koch and Dario
Del Fiacco are due for election in September 2022.

The three Grand Knight/PGK Board of Directors seats are held by:
Joe Falcone, Kevin O'Reilly, and Tom Lenz