2021-2023 Fr. McDonald Council #1911 Officers and Emails
Office (Click to Email) Name Parish
Grand Knight Tom Russell Immaculate Conception
Deputy Grand Knight    Joe Ross Immaculate Conception
Council Chaplain Deacon Jim Eaker Visitation
Squires Chaplain TBA TBA 

Chief Squires Counselor

John Dwyer 

Warden   Joel Bernstein Mary Queen of Heaven
Recorder   Gary Gleason Visitation
Treasurer Brad Carey Visitation
Financial Secretary  Ernie Iannotta Visitation
Chancellor Deacon Mike O"Ryan Visitation
Advocate  Tony Castellano Visitation
Inside Guard Terry Walden Visitation
Outside Guard Frank Bibbiano Immaculate Conception
3 Year Trustee  Tom Lenz Visitation 
2 Year Trustee  Kevin O'Reilly Visitation
1 Year Trustee  Harry Barrett St. John the Apostle
Webmaster David McCaffrey Immaculate Conception
    Business Meetings
  • May 5, 2020
    1. T. Lenz
    2. J. Kwit
    3. T. Russell
    4. G. Gleason
    5. E. Iannotta
    6. B. Carey
    7. W.G. Burke
    8. A. Castellano
    9. J. Bernstein
    10. K. O'Reilly
    11. B. McLaws
    12. W. Harzelak
    13. M. Iozzo
    14. G. Marinier
    15. H. Barrett
    16. T. Koch
    17. J. Eaker
    18. J. Manning
    19. K. Boyle
    20. R. Schiliro
    21. R. Revello
    22. D. McCaffrey
    23. R. Metty
    24. C. Hamelly
    GK Report:
    Cardosi Award: Sev Delabar
    Shining Armor Award: Kevin Boyle
    April Knight of the Month: Gary Gleason
    Passed motion to donate $500 to IC Food Pantry
    Verbal Treasurer and FS reports approved
    Passed motion to hold next council meeting with election online, June 2, 2020
    Approved candidates: Mike Funk, Brian McKinnon, James Lytton, Sam Lytton
    2020-2021 Officer Slate: 
    Please note that current Deputy Grand Knight John Kwit announced that he is 
    moving out of Elmhurst and would not be able to serve another term.
    John will be missed!
    Please contact Tom Lenz, Tom Russell, Tony Castellano, or Harry Barrett
    if you are interested in running for the role of Chancellor.
    Floor nominations are open now and until the election on June 2, 2020.

    Officers Position

    Brother Knight Name


    Grand Knight

    Tom Lenz


    Deputy Grand Knight

    Tom Russell

    Immaculate Conception





    Gary Gleason



    Brad Carey



    Tony Castellano



    Joel Bernstein

    Mary Queen of Heaven

    Inside Guard

    Terry Walden


    Outside Guard 1

    Blas Bolivar

    Mary Queen of Heaven

    Outside Guard 2

    Frank Bibbiano

    Immaculate Conception

    Trustee (3) Year

    Kevin O Reilly


    Trustee (2) Year

    Sean O'Leary

    Immaculate Conception

    Trustee (1) Year

    Joe Falcone





    Field Agent Report:

    A few days ago, S&P Global Ratings issued a report that ranked all of its rated North American Life Insurance Companies from strongest to weakest. You should be proud to know that your Knights of Columbus are tied for first!

    The Knights is one of six companies - out of a total of 66 - that has a AA+ rating on financial strength, and a stable outlook. S&P also lists the Knights as having a "very strong" business risk profile, and an "excellent" financial risk profile.

    Financial strength and stability are on a lot of people's minds lately, and it's reassuring to know that the Knights stand tall among the competition.

    However this unprecedented international crisis may be impacting your family, please know that I am here to help you review your situation, and discuss how the Knights may be able to help.

    And - to respect social distancing protocols - we have transitioned to virtual meetings. I can meet with you over the computer whenever you'd like.

    So let's chat! Let me know some times that work for you, and together we can figure out how the Knights' best-in-class financial strength can help protect you and your family.



    Chris Hamelly