Fr. McDonald Council #1911- founded 1918!
A movement for a Knights of Columbus Council in the area was initiated by Rev. David L. McDonald, pastor of Immaculate Conception Parish, Elmhurst and on June 16, 1918, a charter was issued to Elmhurst Council #1911.        

At the time of the Council incorporation, Immaculate Conception was the only parish in Elmhurst.
The initial 1st and 2nd degrees were conferred by the officers of Father Setters Council #1278; State Deputy Edward Houlihan conferred the major degree.
The first officers of the Council were:
     Chaplain                        Rev. David L. McDonald
     Grand Knight                 Valentine M. Ollier
     Deputy Grand Knight      John M. Wolf
     Chancellor                     George W. Leonard
     Recorder                       Michael L. Murphy
     Financial Secretary        Leo M. Strelka
     Treasurer                      Frank P. Huntshaw
In 1918, Elmhurst Council #1911 began with a membership of 55.  

In 1923, Elmhurst Council #1911 had grown to 112.

In 1938, when the 20th Anniversary was celebrated, 220 men were Knights and Fr. W. J. Plunkett was the new Chaplain.
In 1946 the Christopher Club was organized consisting of Elmhurst Council #1911 Fourth Degree members.
In the following years, the Council met at several different locations in Elmhurst and Villa Park.  
In 1959, the Council organized the 1911 Club, a holding corporation whose function was to provide and manage a clubhouse.  A hall was rented at 52 St. Charles Road, Villa Park and served as a home base.  Also in 1959, The Ladies Auxiliary, an active group of wives, was organized.
In May of 1962, to recognize the changing character of Elmhurst Council #1911 from a strict Elmhurst organization to one encompassing neighboring communities such as Villa Park, Lombard, Addison, Bensenville and others, it was decided to change the Council name to more accurately reflect the nature of the Council.  
The late SK Howard C. Fisher (PGK 43-45) who was also the first president of 1911 Club, petitioned the Supreme Council to permit the change to honor the memory of the Council's founder.  The petition was approved by the Supreme Council and in May of 1962, Elmhurst Council #1911 became Fr. McDonald Council #1911.
In 1963 (April) a fire destroyed the building that had housed the Council since 1959 and the Council met at the Odd Fellows Hall in Elmhurst.  Later that year, the property at 537 - 539 S York Street was purchased and has been the home of Fr. McDonald Council #1911 for over 50 years.

In 1964, Council growth continued beyond the magic 500 mark in 1964 and broke the 600 mark in 1965.