At Council #1911, Charity is Job #1...
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    • In 2014, we opened our hall doors to over 30 non profit charitable organizations that held almost 100 meetings and events in the hall, either at no cost or at a reduced not-for-profit rental rate. That's an average of a meeting almost every 3rd day of the year!
    • On January 12, 2015 we hosted the NCAA Football Championship game and raised $2,500 to cover expenses incurred by Marshall Bell's family in obtaining an electric wheelchair.
    • On January 25 we hosted a Pasta Dinner for Visitation Parish's benefit and raised $3,000 for the Quinn Community Center in Maywood.
    •  Over the 6 weeks of Lent (and the Friday before Ash Wednesday), we invited out FryDay Knight customers to support these local charities: DayBreak Transitional Housing, Misericordia, Elmhurst Walk In Ministry, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls (Click HERE to view video showing 2014 donated Christmas gifts being distributed to the boys and girls!), Ray Graham, Up's for Down's and No Frills Fun Run. Our customers rose to the occasion and donated $6,000 over the 7 Fryday Knight Fish Frys!
    • On April 18, we provided the hall for a benefit pasta dinner to support the Marshall Bell family that raised over $5,000 for expenses related to Marshall's Muscular Dystrophy illness.
    • On April 25, 10 Knights and Squires raised over $500 for Misericordia Candy Days at the doors of Mariano's Elmhurst