About our Columbian Squires Circle

St. Paul the Apostle
Columbian Squires Circle 
Fr. McDonald Council #1911

Est. 1918

Columbian Squires Circles are the youth organization of the Knights of
Columbus and are one of the most dynamic leadership development
organizations for young Catholic men in the world.

Our Columbian Squires Circle of St. Paul the Apostle is comprised of young men
of the Elmhurst Cluster parishes (Immaculate Conception, Mary Queen of
Heaven and Visitation) and is led by Chief Squires Counselor John Dwyer. 

The goals of our Columbian Squires Circle are threefold:

  • to serve others in any capacity
  • to increase the awareness of Faith in our Squires' lives
  • to provide social opportunities for growth as a group
Overall, the Columbian Squires program strives to provide the
spiritual, cultural,civic, social and physical improvement
of its members,
and the development of their
leadership qualities to enhance a young
man’s opportunity in life – a chance to
receive the leadership
training and
moral guidance needed to succeed
in life today and tomorrow.

If you have any question about any aspect of our Squires program,
please email Chief Squires Counselor John Dwyer here.

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