Leadership Roles and Meeting Format
-- Chief Squire -- Michael D.
Acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the Circle.  Presides at all meetings.  Responsible for the conduct of members during meetings and other activities.  Prepares for meetings ahead of time.  Acts as the model of spiritual, social and moral conduct for all circle members.  Inspires enthusiasm and encourages active participation of all members. Reports to the Chief Counselor.
-- Deputy Chief Squire -- Jack B.  
Acts as second in command.  Performs the duties of the Chief Squire if the Chief Squire is absent. Informs the Chief Squire and Chief Counselor of conflicts or weaknesses that may surface within the circle.  His conduct, enthusiasm and active participation in activities, and his support of the Chief Squire's decisions, are all crucial to morale.  May be called upon to be an arbitrator or peacemaker in resolving circle issues.
-- Notary -- Dario F.
His conscientious attention to detail in his role as record keeper for the circle is an example to all members.  Keeps an attendance record of all meetings.  May record the proceedings or minutes of all meetings.  May send correspondence to the State or Supreme Council.
-- Bursar --Liam M.
Acts as the circle's treasurer.  May collect initiation fees, annual dues and income from fund-raising events.  Provides all collected funds to the Chief Counselor.  Presents the current record of the circle's finances, including debits and credits, at the monthly meeting.  May provide financial information to the sponsoring council.  
* Opening Prayer - Father Prior or Chief Squire
* Roll Call - Notary
* Faith Formation - Father Prior
* Financial Report - Bursar
* Old Business/Activities - Chief Squire
* New Business/Activities - Chief Squire
* Social Activity (time permitting)
* Announcement of next meeting date - Notary
* Closing Prayer - Father Prior or Chief Squire